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Who am I

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I am Enmanuel López Ruiz, the oldest of 7 children.  Yes, 7! I grew up in a wonderful family with a hardworking mum and dad here in Cómpeta, Málaga,Spain.

I am happily married to Inez Leniere López. She owns the yogaschool here in our village: Cómpeta Yoga.  Together we are a great team.  Yoga combined with a massage is a golden combination.  We also organize wellbeing retreats. You'll feel reborn afterwards.


I believe in a balance between mind and body. I love to combine the different styles of massage I have studied.  My massages are a true treatment that will heal your body and mind. I am your get-away where you can enjoy a massage in Cómpeta, Málaga, Spain.


Providing you a feel-good-moment

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Need some me-time?

Good! Book a de-stress massage and let me guide you to that balance between mind & body.

Maybe you prefer a Thai Massage?

Be ready for a deep massage treatment.


I also provide massage therapy treatments to help with stress relief, pain relief, sport injuries or rehabilitation. 


Meet Cómpeta, a beautiful village in the south of Málaga, Spain. 

With almost 3800 inhabitants from all over the world we offer you the  Mediterranean lifestyle: fish, olive oil, the ocean, siëstas and kindness. 

Combine this with our massages and you will come back. I promise you that!

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